AM-BAX 5000 Manual Therapy Treatment Table

02 Details

Bar Activated Hi-Lo Control Treatment Table with Powered Elevating Center and 3 Piece Head Section
Bar activated Hi Lo control allows control of the table height while keeping both hands on the patient and both feet on the floor. The control is designed to allow easy access from anywhere around the table without disrupting the treatment.
The center section is motorized to allow positioning with the patient”s full weight on the table. The center section motor controls are located on each side of the center section to allow adjustment without losing contact with the patient.

Lifting Capacity: 400 lbs
Height range 19″ x ” 38″
Top Section: Three Piece Width: 27″ Length: 72″
Head Section: 15″ x 13″ Raises 25 degrees – Lowers 45 degrees.
Contoured Face/ Nose Opening.
The armrests 15″x 7″ have a range of 6″ vertical adjustment while remaining on a plane with the center section.
Center Section: 19″ x 27″ Motorized to Raise 15 degrees
Foot Section: 38″ x 27″ Raises 75 degrees.
4 Caster Base with 4″ Total Lock ball bearing casters
110 volts, 60Hz motor