How do I purchase Armedica products?

Armedica products and parts must be purchased through Armedica distributors. We focus on developing and manufacturing products and our distributors focus on sales. Here are two ways to find an Armedica distributor:


  • Ask a distributor from which you already purchase medical equipment / supplies if they also sell Armedica products.
  • Contact Armedica for active distributors in your area.

What should I use to clean the upholstery on my Armedica table?

A mixture of mild soap and water is recommended for general cleaning. A 10% bleach 90% water mixture is also acceptable. Protex by Parker labs is a commercial disinfectant that is appropriate to use on our vinyl.

What types of products should I avoid using on the vinyl?

Harsh chemicals, petroleum based products such as massage oils, alcohol, and mineral oil should be avoided because they will strip the plasticizer, dry out the vinyl, cause cracks, and/or discolor the vinyl. Do NOT put hot packs or similar directly on the vinyl.

What is the warranty for Armedica products listed on this website?

The products included on our website have a limited warranty of 18 months.  The warranty covers defects in materials and defects in workmanship.

Do you offer bariatric treatment tables?

Yes, we do! We offer a variety of treatment tables designed for bariatric patients, with capacities of 500 pounds and 800 pounds.

500 Pound Capacity: 
AM-234 Bariatric Table
AM-240 Bo-Bath Treatment Table
AM-334 Treatment Table
AM-340 Treatment Table
AM-BA 234 Treatment Table
AM-BA 240 Treatment Table
AM-BA 334 Treatment Table

800 Pound Capacity
AM-368 Treatment Table
AM-368PB Treatment Table