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We recently opened a new clinic at our PT School in Virginia.  We ordered all our tables from Armedica Manufacturing.  We purchased 55 Hi-Lo treatment tables, Mat tables and wood tables.  When it was time to set up all the equipment we contacted Armedica to let them know we were ready for delivery.  They told us that they were planning to load all the equipment in one truck and drive it from Arkansas to Virginia. They wanted to be sure that delivery, installation and testing was done without a hitch.  The tables are very well constructed, the BA design is so easy to use and the extra service they provided was exceptional. We were very, very pleased with the whole experience.........Physical Therapy Program, Lynchburg, Virginia

We purchased 25 of the new BA (Bar Adjustment) design tables.  The BA design was one of the key reasons for choosing Armedica.  Raising and lowering a treatment tables has never been easier.  We are so glad we never have to look for a foot switch when we need to adjust a table when a patient is in the middle of a treatment.  Our hands and eyes never have to leave the patient during treatment. Thanks.  Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas

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What makes an Armedica Table Different?

We designed the Armedica AM Series because we believe treatment tables should adjust to accommodate both the patient and the therapist. Our treatment tables are among the best in the industry, and with the wide variety of models and options to choose from, you can get a high quality treatment table -- with the functions you want -- at an affordable price. more info

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